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Making sense of Internet of Things technology


Sigfox and HC Technologies bring the IoT revolution closer to factories

Democratizing the smart factory revolution leveraging your existing machinery


Smart factory made simple

Democratizing the smart factory revolution. Riding the Industrial Internet of Things wave leveraging your existing machines at unmatched cost-effectiveness levels, for real.


The IoT revolution at the service of your energy needs

[Content in Spanish] Eficiencia energética, descubre lo que la revolución IoT puede hacer por tus consumos y el óptimo funcionamiento de tus instalaciones.

IoT Basics

IoT Adoption: run your numbers with the ROII model

How is your company going to better compete in the marketplace with these improved capabilities or new business model allowed by IoT adoption? That is the fundamental question to answer.


Just a few challenges away from a fully connected world

Would you say that we have remote access to everything essential to make sure that things are running smoothly no matter where we are? It has never been of greater importance.

IoT Basics

The Internet of Things deconstructed and democratized

Discover and fully embrace the IoT revolution with confidence, become future ready regardless of size and tech background. It can be much simpler than it seems.