Packaged solutions in Agriculture & Farming

Intelligent utilities consumption monitoring

Precise, real-time and remote distance measurements without work disruptions

smart soil and ambient conditions monitoring

Remote surveillance of key parameters to ensure optimum crop growing condition

smart greenhouse growing conditions monitoring

Real-time remote surveillance of soil and ambient condition to foster productivity

Remote animal confort Surveillance

Ambient parameters monitoring to ensure optimum conditions at animal keeping facilities

Farm facilities intrusion monitoring

Notifications when a door is opened and presence is detected in specific spaces

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Let’s talk about that area that you would like to optimize. We will walk with you on the discovery process to assess your business’s real needs and configure or create the right solution.

Proprietary technology at the core of every project

Sensing capabilities

From humidity, temperature or weight to pulses, gasespresence or moisture, any parameter can be effectively monitored.


We adapt our devices and develop the right configuration to any specific requirement of your project.


More than 13 years of experience expressed into a highly polished technology and device portfolio.

Cost effectiveness

Extra competitive prices ranges thanks to our in-house development team.

We have worked with companies such as

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