IoT made simple

Smart solutions for operational optimization

Upgrade your game and fully harness the benefits of the Internet of Things

An IoT solution is made up of four key components

Sensors & Data acquisition devices


Data warehousing infrastructure

User applications for data usage

This is how it works
Sensor data is captured and processed by HC devices and sent and warehoused in the cloud through wireless connectivity.

Then the user application allows us to easily visualize, monitor and manage our data and devices, making smart, real-time and remote monitoring of assets a reality.

Everything comes inside this box, they call it "IoT made simple".

Now it is possible to gather our data, transform it into information and then into knowledge, untapping new data-driven business models and the following benefits in our operations...

Automate and optimize operations

Reduce operational costs and down times

Gain full control of your assets remotely

Simplify reporting procedures

Making IoT simple in two specific ways

A | End-to-end packaged solutions

B | Custom solutions development

Find solutions for the following verticals

Proprietary technology at the core of every solution

Sensing capabilities

From humidity, temperature or weight to pulses, gasespresence or moisture, any parameter can be effectively monitored.


We adapt our devices and develop the right configuration to any specific requirement of your project.


More than 13 years of experience expressed into a highly polished technology and device portfolio.

Cost effectiveness

Extra competitive prices ranges thanks to our in-house development team.

They have unlocked new efficiency levels in their operations with us

Experience working with companies in the five continents

Connected Sight: Making sense of IoT

IoT Technology
“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”
- W. Edwars Deming -

Level-up your game capturing your data, transforming it into information and generating real-time knowledge for smarter decisions and operations.

Packaged end-to-end IoT solutions

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Let’s future-proof your business together

Three steps needs assessment process to define together the right solutions for your business. Let's talk:


Evaluation of needs and requirements


Analysis of potential solutions


Feasibility assessment and next steps

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