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HC Technologies product range

Digital inputs to read pulses or digital sensors and alarms
Analog/digital inputs to read a variety of parameters and pulses
Detection of CO2, butane, methane, ethanol and hydrogen in the air
Inclination monitoring of poles, towers and other vertical structures
Enhanced movement detection and people counting capabilities
Radar levels and distance monitoring for liquids and other elements
Intelligent RPM reader, pulses counting per defined period of time
Intelligent RS232 serial port and digital pulses reader
Intelligent RS232 serial port reader at variable reading speeds

Sensing capabilities

We have developed some of the most efficient, adaptable and cost effective data acquisition devices in the industry.

Designed for reading and transmitting parameters such us:

  • Temperature

  • Illumination

  • Liquids level

  • Gas presence

  • State open/closed

  • Location

  • Presence

  • Humidity

  • Pulses

  • Consumption

  • Inclination

  • State on/off

  • Positioning

  • People counting

Wide supported connectivity

To provide the best solutions to each specific project, our engineering team is well versed in the main connectivity technologies for IoT solutions.    

Most used technologies:

  • GPRS

Other technologies to develop by request:
  • NB-IoT

  • LTE-M

  • WiFi

  • LoRaWAN

  • NFC

  • Bluetooth

Outstanding performance

More than twelve years of experience and know-how poured into our product line.  

Resulting in primer line features characterizing our devices combined with unmatched cost-effectiveness levels:

  • Up to 15 years battery life depending on configuration

  • 3+1 analog/digital inputs

  • Automatic connection

  • Easy configuration from WC-1553, PC, App or via Downlink

  • Automatic updating

  • IP67 protection

End-to-end IoT solutions

Sensors & Data acquisition devices


Data warehousing infrastructure

User applications for data usage

Packaged end-to-end IoT solutions

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