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smart monitoring of production volumes and MACHINE status

Real-time information on production performance, quotas, inputs and machine condition

How it works


To be able to remotely and accurately monitor real production figures versus expected ones, as well as production status from anywhere.

Including number of units produced, production line number, number of units left to meet a specific quota and type of input required for that specific product being manufactured in the line.

Additional parameters like temperature, pressure, vibration or weight to be optionally included.


A plug and play system that makes existing machinery smart by reading and sending to the cloud PLC data frames in addition to machine electric pulses.

Production figures come from RPM or pulse per minute monitoring, while additional production parameters are extracted from PLCs by RS232/Ethernet connectivity.

These parameters can also include readings from stand-alone or PLC connected sensors.


⌂ Continuous monitoring of real production numbers.

⌂ Elimination of manual production reporting, taking out of the way potential errors, negligent behavior and inaccurate reporting in general.

⌂ Improved accuracy on production management and machine performance, including real-time notifications.

"Just like having an eye at the factory floor from anywhere you are."

Solution data flow

Sensor data is captured and processed by HC devices and sent and warehoused in the cloud through wireless connectivity. Then the user application allows you to easily visualize, monitor and manage your data and devices, making remote monitoring of facilities and assets condition and usage, as well as resources consumption a reality.  

Transforming data into information and information into knowledge. Optimizing and automating your operations.

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smart monitoring of production volumes and status

Ready to operate solution pack including all the elements needed to start monitoring the parameters indicated above, through the sensors integrated in the HC data acquisition device. One full year of connectivity, data management platform access and three hours of remote consultancy included.

Price: 149€ onwards depending on customer needs

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