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SPAces access surveillance

Notifications when a door is opened and presence is detected in a specific space

How it works


Implementationof alternative breaks-in alarm systems less vulnerable todeactivation and tampering thantraditional solutions.


Wireless system equipped with presence sensors combined with door state monitoring ones, generating alerts and notifications when presence and door state changes are detected, transmitted by narrow band networks.


⌂ Plug and play security system allowing for easy and personalized configurations
⌂ Traditional security solutions reinforcement
⌂ Unbeatable cost effectiveness per device installed and space covered

Solution data flow

Sensor data is captured and processed by HC devices and sent and warehoused in the cloud through wireless connectivity. Then the user application allows you to easily visualize, monitor and manage your data and devices, making remote monitoring of facilities and assets condition and usage, as well as resources consumption a reality.  

Transforming data into information and information into knowledge. Optimizing and automating your operations.

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SPAces access surveillance

Ready to operate solution pack including all the elements needed to start monitoring the parameters indicated above, through the sensors integrated in the HC data acquisition device. One full year of connectivity, data management platform access and three hours of remote consultancy included.


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